Publications and Reports

Civil society groups produced a range of documents linked to social responsibility and accountability. The resources compiled below are both historical and current.  They include think pieces and academic articles and information on relevant non-voluntary agreements.

The Post-2015 and Sustainable Development Goals Processes: A Platform for Action fro Responsible Investors

The recent UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in June 2012 was an opportunity for governments to discuss the global sustainable development agenda and agree on priorities and ways to address the challenges ahead. It was also an opportunity for different stakeholders to input and influence this agenda and pledge for future commitments for action. The Conference was also an important platform for businesses and investors. More than 1800 business leaders attended the Conference and related events in Rio and hundreds of voluntary commitments (many measurable and time-bound) outside of the formal negotiating process were announced to support different international initiatives such as ‘Sustainable Energy for All’ or the UN Global Compact Water Mandate. Read the full report here.

Outreach Magazine: Trends in Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure

Outreach is a multi-stakeholder magazine on climate change and sustainable development published daily throughout the Rio+20 process. The magazine devotes an entire edition to the current trends in Corporate Social Responsibility and Accountability, and the role it is playing at Rio+20. Read the CSRA edition here.

Current CSR Disclosure Efforts By National Governments and Stock Exchanges

The report, co-written by The Hauser Centre at Harvard University and The Initiative for Responsible Investment, provides a collection of various developments woldwide on environmental and social reporting requirements by regulatory bodies and stock exchanges. It gives a fantastic insight into some of the most important CSR disclosure initiatives around the world. Read the report here.

Aviva and Forum for the Future publication on Sustainable Economy for 2040

In order to make the right decisions for our sustainable and responsible investments we need to form a plausible view of what a sustainble economy looks like and to determine what our role should be in allocating capital to enable it. The report shows investors how they can help create a resilient, stable and sustainable economy by investing wisely and using their power to shape the development of capital markets. Read the report here.

FIELD paper on Community Redress

After the WSSD in 2002, FIELD, as requested by Friends of the Earth and ActionAid, set out to examine the obstacles and options for international approaches to community redress for the harmful effects of multinationals' activities on people and the environment. You can read the paper here.

FIELD paper on International Approaches to Corporate Accountability

There is no global regulatory system for TNCs. Instead there is an array of voluntary standards and corporate social responsibility initiatives. FIELD outlines the corporate sustainability frameworks used by some of the world's largest TNCs. For a complete overview click here.

UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

The UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights where endorsed by the UNHCR in June 2011 after six years of research led by John Ruggie, the Secretary-General's Special Representative for Business and Human Rights. For a summary of the guiding principles click here.

Chapter 41 of Agenda 21

A proposed Chapter 41 of Agenda 21 was put forward by the UN Centre for Transnational Corporations in 1991. The Chapter was entitled 'Transnational Corporations and Sustainable Development'. The full chapter provides an informative basis for the ongoing conversation and can be read here

CERES Principles

In 1989 the Ceres Organisation responded to the growing call for sustainability by formulating the Ceres Principles, a 10-point code of corporate environmental ideals to be publicly endorsed by companies as an environmental mission statement or ethic. Embedded within the Principles is a mandate to report on environmental structures and results. You can learn about the principles here.

In 2010 the CERES organisation published the 'Roadmap to Sustainability,' which analyses the drivers, risks and opportunities involved in making the shift to sustainability, and details strategies and results from companies who are taking on these challenges. Read the Roadmap to Sustainability here.

Bonn Declaration

The 64th UN DPI NGO conference held in Bonn in September 2011 called for corporate and social responsibility to be mainstreamed within the international agenda. You can read the full declaration here.

ILO MNE Declaration

The ILO has a Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy which is intended to guide governments, employers and workers organisations and multinational enterprises in taking measures and actions and adopting policies which would further social progress. The MNE Declaration can be read here.

FOE 2005 Paper

In 2005 Friends of the Earth UK produced a paper outlining the need for Corporate Accountability and describing the institutional framework it could take place within. You can read the briefing here.

New EU Strategy on CSR

The EC has approved the new European strategy on corporate social responsibility to run from 2011-2014.  The strategy sets out a new definition for CSR as the 'responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society.' You can read the full communique here.

UK-Listed Mining Companies & The Case for Stricter Oversight

The case studies in this report reveal recent instances where UK-listed companies’ operations have had serious adverse impacts on workers’ health and safety, individuals’ and communities’ human rights, developing country economies, and the quality and

availability of natural resources. You can read the full report here